Master of Engineering

Artificial Intelligence | AI

The last decade has seen an escalation in the number of applications, solutions, platforms and tools based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The newer technological prospects and digitalization being facilitated by AI are driving the major social and economic transformations since the industrial revolution. Systems that can learn from experiences, simulate reasoning and mimic human behavior are being developed worldwide.

Therefore, the demand of professionals with ability to research, discover and implement AI based solutions is increasing exponentially. The Masters of Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) programme is designed keeping in mind the current needs and skillset required for applying AI in diverse domains, designing and implementing AI solutions, and improvising the existing solutions into AI based solutions.

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Key Information


  • Contributing Goals

    Programme designed to produce skilled practitioners who can cater to the needs of government, industry and scientific organizations in the area of AI

  • Preeminent Offerings

    Programme provides opportunities to programmers for migrating to AI solutions’ development

  • Diverse Experience

    Hands-on experience in multiple case studies such as Healthcare, Agriculture, Retail, Banking and other real-world problems

  • Paramount Opportunities

    Scope for working professionals to get acquainted with cutting-edge developments in AI.

  • MOUS with Industries

    The department/institute has taken many initiatives to strengthen the interaction with industry to improve the industry institute interaction. The purpose is to provide industry exposure to

  • Unique Curriculum

    Programme curriculum designed in collaboration with industry experts

Career Paths

Over the past decade, an explosion of IT careers has arrived on the scene.Some of career choices for ME AI postgraduate includes:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Technology Engineer – AI
  • Applied ML Engineer
  • Qualitative Expert
  • Analytics Manager
  • Algorithm Specialist
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Deep Learning Engineer
  • AI Architect

Since technology is growing and evolving at a breakneck speed, so are the jobs in Information Technology. Information Technology has become the foundation on which industries rest and the next decade will give birth to new opportunities and see the evolution of existing careers.


Semester I Semester II
Building Blocks of Artificial Intelligence Big Data Analytics
Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition Big Data Lab
Mathematical Foundations of Data Science Bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence
AI Programming Lab Deep and Reinforcement Learning
Data Science Lab Machine Learning Lab
Department Level Optional Course - –III Department Level Optional Course - –III
Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence in Bioinformatics
Natural Language Processing Autonomous Robotics
Design and Analysis of Algorithms IoT Data Analytics
Information Retrieval Mixed Reality
Block Chain Robotics Process Automation
Institute Level Optional Course Speech Recognition
Product Lifecycle Management Institute Level Optional Course
Reliability Engineering Digital Business Management
Management Information System Entrepreneurship Development and Management
Design of Experiments Finance Management
Operation Research Environmental Management
Cyber Security and Laws Human Resource Management
Disaster Management & Mitigation Measures IPR and Patenting
Energy Audit and Management Professional Ethics and CSR
  Project Management Lab
  Research Methodology
Semester III Semester IV
Dissertation – I Dissertation – II
Seminar: State-of-the-art research topics